WholeVine Products

WholeVine Varietal Grapeseed Oils

WholeVine Case Study

WholeVine came to Sugarman Design with plans to help the fine wine industry become more sustainable by creating new uses for vineyard byproducts. Starting with varietal grapeseed oils, their offerings include high end culinary ingredients that utilize the natural flavor and health benefits from fine wine grapes. We were asked to develop a brand identity system for packaging that would encompass the variety of product categories they envisioned.


The most important objective was to clearly communicate that WholeVine products are related to wine. A minimal design approach was used with visual cues from the wine industry creating a tone of sophisticated elegance. Classic typography, a botanical illustration and a lot of white space tell the story of high end ingredients sourced from some of California’s top vineyards. The label shape was kept small to showcase the different oil colors in the selection of six varietals.


WholeVine’s oil launch has been a success and they are receiving great response to the packaging. The brand is growing and so are their ideas for new products. Sugarman Design is enjoying our contribution to WholeVine’s success.