Frankly Fresh Foods

Hummus Cocktails


  • : American Ad Federation: Silver Medal Packaging Award

We were asked to create a brand for Frankly Fresh’s new line of Hummus Cocktail Dips. The target market encompassed college students and all ages of health minded consumers. These all-natural, non-alcoholic cocktail flavors called for a fun, hip and slightly irreverent graphic theme. Something you would pick up for a party and bring to inspire conversation.

At the time, all hummus products were created with an ethnic flavor profile. Frankly Fresh wanted to stand out from the crowd and be All-American. We seized on the cocktail theme by creating a lively illustrated character to bring personality to each flavor. Once grabbed by the fun and humor of the graphics, consumers will find they love these delicious and unusual hummus dips. They’ll be sure to remember the brand and come back for more. The full product line includes eleven Hummus Cocktails and Smoothie Dips. Hummus will never be dull and boring again.