About Us

Sugarman Design was established in 1999 and has been going gangbusters ever since. Located in an eclectic little village just outside of Sacramento, California, we reside at the crossroads of new technology and classic old town charm.

Our team is comprised of four designers and production artists and a highly responsive support team. Specializing in brand identity and logo design, our clients range from national accounts to emerging businesses of all kinds.

Our work has won many awards across the country. However, our greatest reward comes from increased sales and brand recognition for our clients. A successful design solution is the result of collaboration between client and designer. In our process, we become a part of your marketing team. It is this partnership, based on the strengths of both parties, which yields the most effective results.

Rather than establishing one defining studio style, our diversified talents offer a wide variety of concepts and design approaches. We begin each project with a clean slate and open mind so that our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Creativity is not
            the finding of a thing, but the making of something out of it after
            it is found. - James Russell Lowell