Your package design is often your consumer's first experience with your brand. Buyers decide in under 6 seconds if they feel an emotional connection to your brand, and emotion fosters motion. Just having a customer pick up your product exponentially increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Rate your brand story to determine how you can improve your brand design Return-On-Investment:

1. The colors used on our packaging are distinctive and foster an emotional response that differentiates our products on the store shelf.

2. The textures, embosses and shading used on the product packages are unique and accurately represent our marketing positioning.

3. The shape of the product typography, logo, label, and packaging are compelling and engaging to buyers.

4. The packaging always includes consumer engagement components such as web and social marketing addresses, QR codes, and coupon offers. (Score yourself higher for more components.)

5. The visual impact of the brand offers compelling differentiation with the competition on store shelves or with comparative products on the Internet.

6. The brand packaging emotionally connects with customers by telling a compelling Brand Story.

7. The brand is impossible to forget - buyers quickly and easily remember which product to buy and can find it fast on store shelves.

8. The brand image completely illustrates the product's unique selling proposition and benefits.

9. Our branding is consistently presented with a united visual theme (logo, color palette and packaging).

10. I would be interested in learning more about getting a return on my investment in brand design.

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