70 percent of purchase decisions are made in-store and 68 percent of in-store
 purchases are impulse buys.

Marketers have a tremendous opportunity to reach consumers, build brand equity and stimulate consumption through effective designs that speak to customers from the shelf, igniting conversation and create viral recognition.

Research shows that after two weeks, we tend to remember only 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear and see, and 70% of what we say. The store is an ideal marketing canvas:

Good design gets people talking about your brand.

They experience the high quality of your product, sharing their emotional brand connection with others as your brand advocates. Great design amplifies your results, delivering a significant return on your design investment.


Packaging that Yields Return-On-Investment

Sugarman Design’s brand identity for WholeSoy & Co. draws the customer in with fully rendered fruit illustrations. The large singular image on each cup creates appeal and shelf presence. From its first year on the market, WholeSoy’s Peach flavor was the best selling in the entire Peach Yogurt (dairy and non-dairy) category.

The design has remained the same since 2005, so WholeSoy’s investment has been amortized over 7 years and continues to yield a substantial ROI.


Sugarman Design’s proprietary design process creates Awareness, promoting customer Interaction with your product, inviting Purchase. Just interacting with your product packaging creates Pleasure for your ideal customers who then strive to repeat the experience.

Does your Brand Story increase your Return-On-Investment?