Package design is much more than the way a product looks on the shelf. Highly effective design incorporates functional considerations serving both the manufacturer and the consumer. Great design improves your customer and business processes, saving you money, time and improving relationships. Here are some examples of package design that have created process improvements for both businesses and their customers. We show both Sugarman Design clients and other well-known brands.


Packaging Goes Clean and Green

Method Home Care Products is committed to creating eco-friendly home cleaning products in sustainable packaging. Their package design creates a powerful brand story and makes their packaging better for the planet. All of their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, resulting in zero waste and a 70% lower carbon footprint. In 2003, they debuted their first eco-friendly hand wash in the brand’s iconic teardrop-shaped bottle. It became one of Method’s most popular products. Five years later, Method improved process for both consumers and the planet by expanding on the concept of sustainability with refills for their teardrop bottles.

Size Matters

Sugarman Design client, Circle Foods, needed a new package design for their Mexican foods product line, Nuevo Grille. Along with creating new branding which dominates on the shelf, they also changed the size of the box. The new square configuration held the same amount of product and enabled Circle Foods to ship 30% more product per truck, reducing distribution expenses by the same amount.


New Shape Creates Opportunity

Sugarman Design client, CedarLane Natural Foods, switched to ambidextrous packaging to take advantage of retail shelf space. The packaging includes two front panels, one with a horizontal orientation and one that is vertical. The taller, vertical orientation makes room for one more product on the shelf in certain stores. The horizontal format is still available for more traditional retail settings, allowing for the best opportunities in both worlds.


Design Impacts Your Bottom Line

Along with telling the brand story, the creative process of package design produces improvements in packaging configuration, new efficiencies on the production line and improvements in shipping materials (to name a few). Package design creates a Return-On-Investment for both manufacturers and consumers.

Does your Brand Story increase your Return-On-Investment?