Creating Viral Engagement for Your Brand

The ultimate goal for every brand is to promote viral engagement and customer participation (You might remember this as one of the four ROI’s from a previous article). The key is crafting a Brand Story so unusual or attention grabbing that it automatically creates brand advocates and brand delight.

Viral engagement begins with creating a rewarding experience with the customer. Great design promotes customer feedback, interaction, social media engagement, product reviews, and sharing with other potential customers – word of mouth from a friend is marketing gold.

But let’s not forget package design, 70% of shopping decisions are still made in brick and mortar stores. The package design must capture attention and build interest, inspiring the customer to pick up the product and make a purchase. Some iconic brands are masters at promoting Participation. For example, the iPhone’s innovative touch screen demanded customer handling and trial. KFC invited engagement with “Finger Lickin’ Good” as their tagline.

Sugarman Design’s work for Frankly Fresh (shown above) uses humorous illustrations to draw the customer in and tell an imaginative brand story. Consumers can’t help but pick up the package to learn more about it. The products are then supported by an active website where coupons and fun graphics invite viewers to get involved.

For Frankly Fresh’s line of Seafood Salads, we included photos with serving suggestions on the front and recipes on the back panel, inviting consumers to learn more ways to enjoy the products.


Inspiring Participation on Your Website:

People derive value by contributing. They feel valuable, relevant, proud and, even more importantly, included. These positive feelings can pave the way for positive brand associations. Participation can be either indirect and passive, or direct and active, and both types have value.

1 – Indirect Participation

Indirect and passive participation occurs through action-oriented titles, using a conversational tone to your text, and incorporating links into podcasts and video blogs.

2 – Direct Participation

Encourage direct and active participation by asking questions about customers’ opinions, needs or experiences, offering opportunities to create or rate products, and taking polls, to name a few methods. Creating an online environment that fosters participation opens the door for building a bond and developing relationships.

3 – Be “Information Central” About Your Brand

On your website, provide product information, how-to articles, recipes, and FAQs – relevant content that will fuel social engagement. Be the main source of complete information about your brand and provide complimentary informational or interest-focused content around your products and services.

4 – Create Packaging that Invites Engagement

Like our packages at the beginning of this article, incorporate relevant imagery that develops your brand story in an unexpected and exciting way that will inspire consumers to handle your product.

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